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Wire is a composite mechanical properties of components, as well as connections through its terminal in the pulley block and set up by the axial movement of the transfer.

Wire Rope is not homogeneous material, but by the many strands together components (steel, steel shares and the core) consisting of: too much load may change its geometry to change its performance.

   Wire Rope is not isotropic material, it depends on the performance of external load direction. (It is used to carry axial tension, and not used to the pressure or tension).


Wire Rope is not linear elastic material, with its load deformation not directly proportional to (high or low for the case load). It should be noted that: When the rope withstand repeated bending or frequent changes under load, it can easily wear or fracture. Wear and fracture load depends on the extent of the density and the use of the type of wire rope.

In the production and maintenance period can be reduced by adding lubricants rope between the various components of the internal friction, thus lubricants are often considered part of the time of supply.

Like many other materials, the failure rate in the wire rope used early and late is very rapid. Especially in the use of the early damage often caused by the following reasons:


Choose the wrong wire rope
Improper installation
No equipment will be tested and Wire Rope

After the initial use, the rope will be maintained long-term and stable state.
(Prerequisite is the need to provide the necessary maintenance and repair work).

In the use of the late damage proportion of a sudden increase, which is the replacement of the rope signals.

Often late in the use of the damage is the following situations:
Wire fracture
Smaller diameter wire rope
Wire Rope sclerosis

According to damage the speed of expansion, the need for the expected remaining useful life and the safety of estimation.


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