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Service concept:

1, where production and sales by the Company for a variety of products by the quality problems, according to the company provides for "Three Guarantees" service Three Guarantees by the sales team to service this work.
Second, users received information on the quality of products (phone, letter or verbal notice), immediately sent personnel rushed to the scene to solve the problem.
Third, service personnel should seriously, thoughtful and thoroughly deal with the quality issues to ensure timely use, worry-free.
Fourth, in a timely manner to resolve the problem the quality of the products sold at the same time, after-sales service personnel free of charge to users obliged to provide technical advice, technical training, as well as other products of the answer
Related issues.
5, where the company's products are indeed quality products, all costs incurred by the company. Caused by the users because of the issue of product quality (beyond the warranty period or product quality
) Of the Company, as appropriate charges, but not more than the total costs (or cost fee).

Service commitments:

In order to truly realize the "perfect society dedicated to high quality products Wulin" purpose, we have especially to the community, the majority of users commitments are as follows:
1, and further improve enterprise quality assurance system, and enhancing the quality of management to ensure that products meet national factory or industry standards.
2, required under the contract guarantee delivery. On the need for technical services staff were professional and technical services for technical guidance, installation, commissioning work to provide them with relevant information to enable the products to operate normally.
3, ensure that customers provide an excellent pre-sale and after-sales service. If the products in the "Three Guarantees" quality problems arise during the period, the company received notification of users will be within 24 hours to reply: For to the scene to solve the problem, the company received notification of users, will be made within 24 hours Answer: For to the scene to solve the problem, will be dispatched in 36 hours professional and technical service personnel, and do not solve the problem of service personnel do not leave.
4, guarantee honoured products "Three Guarantees" (Baotui, Baohuan, repair kits) services, "Three Guarantees" for the period from the date of product purchases within 12 months (Loader product "Three Guarantees" period of six months ), in the "Three Guarantees" period proved the quality of products, to strictly fulfill its obligations under the contract. Where more than "Three Guarantees" for the products, if the user needs repair services, promised to provide maintenance services.
5, if users need technical training, the company should help user training operation, maintenance, repair, and other relevant personnel.
6, the user letter calls, visitors, and other information, timely job transfer registration, analysis, processing, feedback, as far as possible so that user satisfaction.




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